BitStream 比特流

Description 描述

The BitStream class represents seralized variables, packed into a stream.


Data can be serialized, transmitted, and then received by remote clients by using this class. See the Network View component reference page for general information on network synchronization and the Network.OnSerializeNetworkView function for more information.

通过使用这个类 数据可以序列,发送,然后由远程客户端接收。请参阅有关 Network View 组件手册页面和 Network 类,以及Network.OnSerializeNetworkView 函数的更多信息。

Variables 变量

isReadingIs the BitStream currently being read? (Read Only)
isWritingIs the BitStream currently being written? (Read Only)

Public Functions 公共方法

SerializeSerializes different types of variables.